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Introductory Meeting

The creative process begins with a complimentary 1-2 hour meeting in your home with award-winning designer, Jason Landau. This is a great opportunity to get comfortable with each other, assess the space you want to renovate, exchange ideas and talk about a potential budget for the project. It is also a great time for you to review Jason’s portfolio to gain further confidence with his creativity and expertise.

Design Retainer

Jason believes in going the distance to make his new clients feel comfortable. You are encouraged to visit the “amazing spaces” he’s created for previous clients or to make a call to some of his happy customers who serve as references.         

Once you decide to move forward, a Design Service Agreement is signed and accompanied with a payment. Most of the fees are later credited towards cabinetry purchased by Amazing Spaces.

The "Wishlist" Discussion

Before Jason begins to conceptualize your beautiful new space, he will come back to your home to take measurements, pictures of your existing space and discuss your “wish list” in great detail. This is when you get to talk about the renovation of your dreams. In the case of a kitchen, this could include your needs and desires in regard to appliances, storage, cooking habits and work flow. It’s also a good time to share any pictures you have collected to further communicate your style or design preferences. Jason will use this information to create a preliminary design.

Initial Concept

It requires one to three weeks for an Initial Design Presentation to be completed. Depending on the complexity of the space, one or more design concepts may be reviewed.  It is best to meet at the Amazing Spaces offices so that the extensive library of samples are on hand when beginning the process of material selections. If major design revisions are required, Jason will make the necessary changes and another design concept presentation will be scheduled.

Final Concept Drawings & Budget

Once the initial design concept is accepted, further detailing of the project begins. During this phase, the design as it relates to interior fittings and accessories, exterior moldings and ornamentation, as well as color and texture, is further developed over the course of several meetings.  A project budget will be developed based on the Final Design Concept Drawing and preliminary material selections.

Project Documentation

Once the final design concept drawings and project budget are approved, the design is moved into the Computer Drafting Department where all the necessary details, measurements and notes are added and the project budget is adjusted accordingly. The additional fee to create the documentation will be credited in full towards the purchase of cabinetry from Amazing Spaces.

Formal Design Review

Upon completion of the Project Documentation, there is another design review where clients can make any changes to the design and/or material selections. Final corrections will be made and the project will be ready to move forward with the purchase of materials.

Material Purchases

Since cabinetry requires the longest lead time, it is usually the first material ordered. To commence ordering, the documents which include the Final Project Documentation and the Purchase Agreement are signed and accompanied by a 50% deposit.  Once the cabinetry is ordered, Jason will take his clients shopping for all of the other materials and extend his professional discount (which can be as much as 30% off retail).  A modest commission is collected by Amazing Spaces at the end of the job for these purchases.

Delivery of Cabinetry

Delivery is supervised by Amazing Spaces so that we can inspect your cabinetry to be sure it is complete and free from defects. In the unlikely event of any damaged or missing items, we will resolve the issue expeditiously in order to complete your project in a timely manner.  Final payment for the cabinetry is due upon delivery.


The professional installation of your cabinets and appliances is of utmost importance. Amazing Spaces does not directly provide the labor for the project but does recommend a select group of craftsmen they have worked with over the years. Jason will visit your home during the installation to ensure that the design is being followed, and will continue to be available for any questions or concerns that may arise.

The project will not be considered complete until you are absolutely and completely satisfied.

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