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December 4, 2015

Cool Kitchen Gadgets

We’re always on the lookout for cool kitchen ideas and gadgets from creative storage to the latest and greatest garlic peeler. And with the holidays descending on us, we’ve got gifting on our minds! Check out some of these hi-tech products we stumbled upon recently:

The IIKONE Brewer


Coffee brewer first, high-tech sculpture second. The IIKONE is a really cool coffee brewer made of high-gloss medical-grade stainless steel. It’s designed with an unobstructed filter, which “allows a brewing process undisturbed by uneven surface tension where the filter touches its support, and makes a proper use of the entire filtering surface.” The result is complex flavor and no grains left in your mug. (via IIkone)




Amp up your social life while serving perfectly cooked meats with Meater! Meater is a wire-free meat thermometer (the very first!) that tells your smartphone when to take your meat out of the oven. We love the wireless element- all of the electronics are inside the probe, eliminating wires hanging out of the oven. The Meater app will send audio and visual notifications to your smartphone when the correct internal temperature is reached, allowing you to entertain your guests without excusing yourself to check on dinner. Serving a lot of people? Multiple meters allow you to cook different meats to different temperatures with a single device.

The Meater Kickstarter campaign just ended, and will be in production soon. Congratulations to the team! (via Kickstarter/Meater)




This innovative grilling appliance from CND is a “sleek built-in teppanyaki grill cook top.” There are indoor and outdoor models, portable and built-in. The slim profile and sleek design is right at home in any kitchen and features a cooktop, warming surface and a safe-to-touch cool zone. The stainless steel surface is heated electrically. When turned on for cooking, the heating element pulls the surface down to the heat source forming a shallow concave cooking pit. When cool, it reverts to a flat surface again. The grill is “safe to operate, fast, easy and convenient.” Cool! (via Cook-N-Dine)

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