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April 2, 2015

Leisurama No More!

Ever dream of living on the beach, but cannot bring yourself to a second mortgage in the millions? Do you have a beautiful piece of land on which you’ve wanted to build a second home, but don’t have the time to devote over a year for traditional construction?

Maybe a prefab vacation home is for you, and no, I’m not talking about those Leisurama modular homes sold by Macy’s in the 60’s (although they are quite cute).


The newest prefab vacation homes are not only functional; they are beautifully designed, well-built and many times eco-friendly.

So, why go with a prefab home?

Modular homes can be more affordable, especially when it will be used as a vacation home. Their shorter build times will save you money on the overall construction. Home inspections are not needed as inspections are all completed in the factory. Modular homes are much more energy efficient, therefore your monthly expenses will be substantially less. There are a great variety of homes from which to choose, as many top architects specialize in designing modular homes. Building additions and making expansions are possible, just like traditionally built homes. If you own land in a prime location, these can be built fast and for less money so you can move in quickly.

Contrary to popular belief, many modular homes are quite durable. In fact, many modular homes on the Jersey Shore withstood hurricane Sandy better than traditional homes because they were specifically engineered for high wind and flood zones. ( Those that did lose their homes, experienced much shorter rebuild times.

Many homes can be built eco-friendly. For example, you can request sustainable hard wood floors, expert thermal insulation, solar panels and counter tops made from recycled materials.

There are homes to fit anyone’s tastes and pocketbook. These cute little boxy homes are perfect for a budget:

Novadeko Modular Homes

Novadeko Modular Homes

Novadeko Modular Homes - Inside

Novadeko Modular Homes – Inside









Here’s a beautiful modular vacation home located in a beach community:

Modular Vacation House at the Beach

Modular Vacation House at the Beach

Prefab homes bring to mind the mobile or manufactured homes. Prefabricated (or modular) homes are different. While the sections are built and inspected in a factory, they are assembled and customized on site, almost like a traditional home. A mobile or manufactured home is completely created in a factory and simply delivered and parked on a designated location. Prefabricated or modular homes are considered real estate and can appreciated in value just like a traditionally built home. Manufactured homes (or mobile homes) are considered personal property, and immediately lose value as soon as they are delivered.

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